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deluxe family room (terrace)

"A duplex room with a terrace overlooking Namsan Mountain. You can enjoy a comfortable rest on the table at the terrace."

Room structure and occupancy limit



The room is a private room and it is furnished with one bunk bed on the lower level and one queen-size bed on the upper level.

The room has a maximum occupancy of 4
 adults. If adults are accompanied by children, the maximum occupancy is 2 adults and up to 4 people including children. 

Items in the room

Warm and cozy bedding,
Fresh towels,

powerful hairdryer,

Beverage refrigerator,
Netflix, IPTV with no one to see you these days!
Ceiling shilling fans and air conditioning in the summer!
Warm hot stone heating in winter!

Shampoo, body wash, hand wash and toilet paper are available in the private bathroom!
Hot water comes as much as my passion!


Room usage regulations

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the guesthouse, including the rooms. If smoking is detected, guests will be asked to check out

immediately. Please be mindful of this policy.

After 10 PM, please observe quiet hours inside the rooms.

Please remove your shoes when inside the room. We make sure to clean the floors thoroughly, so please remember to take off your shoes for a comfortable stay.

When using the air conditioning, please ensure that the windows are closed. If the windows are open while using the air conditioning, it may automatically turn off.

Please do not remove the mattress pad, duvet cover, and pillowcase from the bed.

The rooftop and terrace is accessible from 9 AM until 10 PM, and inviting other guests to the guesthouse is strictly prohibited.



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